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Product No. 1022017

Electric Moisture spray for Face, Body and Hair

The EZ-Aqua Nan spray provides your skin with an extremely fine moisture layer

The EZ-Aqua Moisture spray was developed with the help of Nanotechnology and provides your skin with moisture. The nanotechnology of the spray divides, by more than 160,000 vibes per second, water into very small particles without losing active ingredients water. These small moisture particles can be evenly sprayed onto the skin. The absorption of the nutrients and the moisture is then faster and more effective. This way, you can refresh your face.

After switching on the EZ-Aqua moisture spray the UV lamp (wavelength of the UV light: 380 nm) is automatically turned on. This ultraviolet light kills the DNA structure of the bacteria and other harmful microorganisms in a short time. Thus, the risk of contamination of the ultrasonic oscillator is significantly reduced and so is hygienically safe use is possible.

Measurements 26 x 135 x 13 (in mm)
Functions 30 Seconds Automatic Spraying with Ultrasonic, UV-light Disinfection
Weight 44g
Frequency 160 kHz
Battery 2 x 1.5V AAA Battery
CE Yes